Just a Little Envy

Water flows easily, downstream under this bridge.

How many times have you noticed a quality in someone and wanted it for yourself? Maybe it's an energy surrounding someone, or a sureness of being, or just an attitude that we admire in someone that makes us think: I want that. I want what that person has.

What is really interesting is that when we dig deeper we may find that we don't want to be anything like the person we so admired. All we really want is to find our own confidence, to discover the sweet spot within us, and let the world see our best light in an instant. I define a person's "sweet spot" as that place where things just flow --- where you aren't engaged in an uphill battle, and are doing what comes naturally. I'd call it a place or an opportunity where you don't have to try so hard to just be you. For me it is that place where personality, experience, skills and passion align. My sweet spot. Your sweet spot.

But where is our personal sweet spot? We all have one, it just might not be obvious to us in our day to day lives.

It all leads back to the question: what are you really good at?  What are you doing when you feel the most confident in yourself? What do others say you excel at? Are those two perspectives the same?

I've spent the last four years examining myself from the outside in, and the inside out. I've discovered some really awesome things about my strengths and a whole slew of shortcomings that I need to pay attention to.

Here are some observations I made about myself:

I need to know the big picture -- the purpose of something before I can get behind it --without that, I flounder.

I like the autonomy to do it my way --without a detailed recordkeeping process along the way. (Mainly because I rely heavily on intuition and steps that I take don't always make sense until the results are in).

If I do not feel a valued part of the team, I lose confidence in myself.

I need an explanation. When you say no to something I am okay with that, as long as you tell me from your perspective why it is a no. (This doesn't mean I won't debate it with you if I think I am right, but knowing where your answer came from is often enough for me to gain the perspective I need).

I love perspective, I love to hear your "take" on a situation, and I am irritated when I am not asked to give mine. (If I haven't got a relative perspective to share, I'll tell you so --- but I almost always do.) That comes from 50 years of living, working, being married, and parenting I think.

Question of the Week #46 / What is Your Sweet Spot?

I've thought about this question a lot. It boils down to connection for me. I am great at connection. One on one or in a group, I thrive there. I love to be a catalyst, to use my abilities to see things from all perspectives, my empathic skills and my intuition (aka my dot connection ability) to move a person or an idea forward. That is where I operate easily, on flow, like I am floating downstream and not struggling to go against the current.... it is my personal sweet spot and now that I have found it, I plan to stay here.

I've spent many hours uncovering my sweet spot and making sure I knew what it takes for me to operate in flow, have you found your space yet? If not, I can help.

If you have already found yours --make sure you stay there.

Because there, life is beyond happy.