"Terri has been paramount in guiding me on a path to understanding my sensitive nature, and in that process, learn how to view my sensitivity as a gift, rather than something that needs to be fixed."


"Terri has a way of asking the questions that are necessary to put your life on a better track. She has an innate ability to tune in to get to the bottom line where change happens.  I would say she is a catalyst for making change happen. If you are questioning and wanting to change your life, and are reading this now, it's time. Allow Terri to dig deeper to ask those questions that only you can answer. She will walk along your side until you feel ready to spread your own wings and fly."


"Terri has a magical soul and is gifted with the ability to tune into everything that's not said to get to the heart of the matter."

Testimonial Background

"Terri is the best kind of guide/teacher. She comes from a place of knowing and continues to share what she is still learning with others. She practices what she teaches."


"Terri has walked with me in deep valley's, reminded me of my strengths, and helped me lift my eyes off the trial. She has gently pushed me when I needed a shove. She's encouraged me to own my artistic abilities and love my attempts at creativity."


"Terri is such a fun, playful person to be around. She has the creative energy of a child with the wisdom of a sage."

Testimonial Background

"Terri has a kind, generous heart. She is a safe person to tell your secrets to."