My mission is to empower you.

I have a very important mission in life: to remind you that the power is within YOU.

Whatever brings you here to my website today, welcome. I want to share with you my secret to living your best life. It isn’t by reinventing or changing who you are or by following a 5-step process to a happier you; it isn’t even actually a secret at all.

The path to greater happiness in life begins by reconnecting with your true self and confidently living life your way, authentically, by learning to follow your heart.


If the life you are living looks great "on paper," yet inside you wrestle with feelings of emptiness, sadness or overwhelm, it can be a very lonely place.

Along my journey, I found it hard to tell anyone that I was no longer able to feel any joy in my life. I was fearful that if I admitted out loud, I no longer liked the me I had become, I would shatter into a million pieces and never recover. I had no idea how to get back to who I really was. Although it might have looked like I had it all together, on the inside worry, control and perfectionism had turned me into a negative, self-critical, over-achieving, control freak.

After hitting my own rock bottom and then figuring out how to climb back, I now believe my mission in life is to help others reclaim their personal power, so they can start living the life they were meant to.

I created the life I always wanted to live and I know you can do the same.