Oh What Measures They Attempt To Avoid A Family Christmas Picture

I'm beginning to think I can never go away for the weekend again. Every time I do something happens with hair.

Last June when I came home from my trip to a paper mill, I found Sadie had attempted to dye her hair in a pattern of colors. I was not exactly sure what to say when I saw what she had done...the boys jumped right in and solved that one for me, they started calling her Skittles. As in, her head looked like an open bag of Skittles. It was interesting, and awful, all at once. Luckily it didn't last long... and after spending almost $100 at Panopolous for a cut and redye job, all was well again.

This is the only photo I could find of her hair. I snatched it from 
her FB page. Pretty sure I was too shocked to take any. 

When I arrived home from the TML retreat today, after being gone all weekend, I found that my "boys" had all made a pact. To ruin my hopes for a perfect Christmas photo. Here is what was waiting for me.

Does Mike look innocent to you? His head was shaved with a #2 guard.
Mitch & Jeffrey: Mohawks or Peacocks?
Alec and his shaved head. Can you say b-o-u-n-c-e-r?

They are kinda cute...
Let's just say it worked, all hopes for that perfect family photo have successfully been dashed. The pact? To band together to create crazy hair so mom won't want to take a Christmas photo. So, Mohawks for (Mitch and Jeffrey), a buzz cut for (Mike), and a shaved head  for (Alec). Fantastic.
See what I live with? Sadie was glad I arrived home when I did, they were coming after her ponytail with the scissors next.
Oh, and  in case anyone was wondering. Mike was in charge. (He did Jeffrey's hair and fixed Mitch's mohawk.) Joke's on them though, I am still doing a Christmas picture, hair or no hair.