Collecting Kernels

I had lunch with my friend Mary last week and she's got me collecting kernels. It's brilliant.

She shared with me that each time she meets up with me for coffee, she takes away a kernel from our conversation to think about. Last week it was the concept of being real.

Something I talk about a lot. With my kids, my friends, my blog readers, heck, everyone.
That part isn't the story. It's that Mary is right. So many times I meet with people and come away with a "kernel". A new perspective, a new word to think about, a situation to see the other side of, an inspiration, an idea. That is why I love face to face conversations. There is nothing like seeing how someone reacts to you and what you have to say in person.

I have been really tired for over a week now, and I wouldn't want it any other way. My kids have wanted to me. Awesome. I will never turn down the chance for some deep conversation with one of my kids, it's that connection that I love. The chance to take a kernel from them in every conversation we have, and hope they in turn take one from me.

It's the way communication is supposed to be.

Mike and I have been given the great pleasure of shaping the lives of four fantastic kids. I get goosebumps sometimes watching them "get it", and learn to tackle one issue at a time. But I'm a realist remember, so that means I have just as many "are you kidding me moments", as I do good moments. It feels like there is at least one crisis a day.  This completely scares the crap out of me.

I start every day with a plan of what I want to accomplish, but most of it rarely happens. I've come to realize that when someone wants to talk, I'd better be listening. There is no waiting until tomorrow. The time to listen is right now.

So, I'm tired but I'm connected. And, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Are you making an effort to listen to your kids? How many times do you take away a kernel?