Let's Get Real

How honest are you really?

Do you share the real "you" to the world, or do share only what you want others to see?

I've had several discussions lately about what it means to be a realist. I consider myself one. To me that means being honest, putting yourself out there and owning up to all parts that make up "you", the good with the bad.

And let's face it, life isn't always pretty. A belief in the positive is beautiful, and seeing the positive in difficult situations is a fantastic trait. I wish I had more of that ability sometimes. But to create the illusion that your world is perfect, when it might not be, even if it is your way of convincing yourself to feel better about it, is not healthy. For anyone.

Have you ever met a person who is so darn happy that when they talk about their life, their wonderful husband, their perfect kids, their ideal job, instead of making you feel happy for them, it makes you feel kind of bad about your own situation? A why don't I feel that way, maybe something is wrong with my life kind of feeling?

I've learned over the years that in reality, many of those people who constantly paint a perfect life picture are really only trying to convince themselves. The reality of their situation, may be entirely different.

So I encourage you to ask yourself the question, am I living honestly? Or am I living in half truths, spinning only the positive to the world? 

This video from Robin at Farewell Stranger is a perfect example of owning up to the real you. Her story is as real as it gets. She's flawed. She struggles. And yet, she keeps going, and as she does, she inspires the rest of us to take the steps we need to get to our own real. Thank you for sharing the good, the bad and the real, Robin. You inspire me.


 So are you being honest? What are you hiding from the world? Imagine if you had the courage to get something off your chest, and to let it go. How much better would you feel?