24 Hours Without Facebook

Okay so yesterday I went the day without Facebook.

And no, it was not a self-imposed thing.

It wouldn't let me log on. For almost 24 hours, my personal page and my work page were, temporarily unavailable.

It should not have been a big deal. But it was.

It's not that I cannot use traditional means of communication.  I do still use the phone and email. Hey, I even write thank you notes!

But I am just so used to being connected. All the time.

I felt like I was in the dark ages without Facebook. And strangely like I was missing something. (Like I feel when I forget my purse, or my cell phone.)

Last night when I got downtown to 5x5 Night I realized that somehow in my Facebook- less daze I had failed to notice my cell phone was glowing orange and about to die.  Now everyone knows you tweet your questions into the presenters at 5x5 Night on your cell phone, so how could I have missed this?

Because I was off my game.

My Twitter friend Jason kind of laughed at me for being such a frazzled mess without Facebook, that is until his Twitter went down today.

All of a sudden it wasn't so funny. 

Parts of me are old fashioned. I believe in the face to face. I believe in the personal connection.

But I gotta admit, I am a social media junkie.

Please don't take my Facebook away again.