My Take On GR's Second 5 x 5 Night

Well this time I started 5 x 5 Night off a bit easier. I got there early, in plenty of time to get my ticket to Reserve, and there was no running involved. Awesome.

I also got a seat this time. Once settled I had the opportunity to look around and see who was there.  Saw my new Twitter friend, Jason. Went to send him a tweet, and then noticed my phone was about to die. Oops. Unplanned trip to the bathroom to charge my cell phone.

As the 5 presenters each made their way to the podium I felt like this time I knew what to expect. I figured 5 new ideas, 5 unique styles of presentation, but the same basic stuff.

Only not so much. This time it felt different.

And that is what made it so cool. There were 5 completely different and unique ideas. Different from each other and different from last time. Nothing same about it. From the way the ideas were presented, to the final judges decision, it was all a completely new experience.

And I loved it.

I find that I get a great deal of pleasure in choosing my favorite idea of the night and discussing it with my husband, Mike. Like whether or not I think the idea has merit, or how the idea could be tweaked here or there or maybe how the presenter could have explained things a bit more clearly, or whatever.

It's fabulous & fun.

And the best part for me is that I got to talk about my idea to others, and got support and positive reinforcement to continue on with it. To refine it and to present again. Cool.

There are a couple of things I still would like 5 x 5 Night to divulge. Like can we see the online submissions from the 5 selected presenters? Do the chosen 5 judges pick the 5 "winners" from the entries submitted, or is that someone else's job?

Sure, I know they don't have to tell us, after all, they are awarding free money, but it would be nice to know.

Last time I blogged about it, I said 5 x 5 Night needed a little more heart. This time, I'd say they got it right.

Yay for GR and Congrats to the weather guy who took home this month's $5000!

P.S. Can't wait to be surprised again next month.