Something Silly

So... my children, and in case you haven't yet picked up on this fact, on any given day my children count can go from 2 to 8ish depending on who is over,  have been teasing me because I shared some information from my childhood. It's about Silly Putty. Yes, the stuff that comes in the egg.

It seems I have a thing for it. Had a thing for it, anyway.

I used to sink my teeth into it. Bite right into a fresh smooth egg of it. Chomp, chomp. Yum.

Every chance I got.

No, I didn't eat it. That'd be gross, and probably kind of toxic. I just liked to gnaw on it.

It had a wonderful gritty plasticky feel. And it smelled awesome. I loved it. I couldn't resist. And don't tell, but I sometimes ripped open my little sister's egg and bit into it before she got in there and messed it up. I couldn't help myself.

I still might not be able to if I got myself a fresh egg of it.

And for some reason I have to make a mashing visual with my teeth every time I admit this. I'm doing it right now. Gnaw gnaw gnaw. I look ridiculous.

Which makes all my "kids" crack up. Which is why they keep bringing it up in front of their friends.

Weird, I know. But true.

Just a random fact from my youth.

Anything weird you'd like to admit to?

P.S. Hey, at least I didn't eat little toilet paper balls (Sadie). Oh, now that's another story.