When Crap Happens...

"Watching your children make mistakes is one of the hardest parts, if not the hardest part of being a parent." -Me  

(Unless someone else said it first).

When I see a mistake in the works I have a really, really hard time not jumping in to fix it. Depending on the severity of the mistake, I sometimes can't stop myself, and I do get involved. But knowing a mistake is in the works, no matter the size or scope, makes me so jittery.

It's like torture.

In Studio Jewel's blog post today, my friend Lisa asked everyone to come up with one word we were thankful for this week. See it here http://bit.ly/eBdOk5. When I paused to consider her request, PATIENCE  just popped into my head. (Kind of like thinking up an intention at the beginning of a yoga class, so I went with it).




Sorry, I was hoping that if I repeated it enough times, I would magically get more of it. I seem to need a lot lately.

I am doing my best to make good on my word, by not only being thankful for what little PATIENCE I do have, but also by using it.

Not gonna lie. It's really hard.

Seeing mistakes continue to happen makes me feel; a little bit helpless, a lot worried and super dooper tired.  But, I am working on letting it all go. And saying a little prayer that wisdom will come to those who need it.

When crap eventually happens, I guess the best anyone can do is be there to pick up the pieces and offer a hug.

What are your thoughts?