Three Things...

I was invited to check out a new blog by Carol Hendershot, owner of Expressions of Grace Yoga, the other day. In it she tells about a ritual of three things she does at the beginning of each new year. Here is an excerpt from that blog:

"Each prior New Year of my life I have spent trying to figure out what I was going to change about my imperfect self and imperfect life. This was different, it wasn’t about beating myself up or pushing myself into a totally new universe from the one I inhabited.

This was looking in a new direction; it was softer and somehow friendlier. I didn’t have to claim any defects of character or charge forward with resolve to make a huge shift. All I was asked to do was to gently relinquish something that wasn’t serving me and pay attention to something that was already in my life but somehow had been under appreciated.

Now I have a new ritual in my life, and it is called three things. No more resolutions that will give me one more excuse for feeling like a failure in two months. Every New Year I find three things that make me happy and that I want to do more of and three things that make me unhappy. " 

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This really started me thinking. I already have the three resolutions that I set for each New Year, so why not take it a little further. Release three, embrace three.

I decided it was a great idea.

Here is what I chose to release in 2011:

  • Worrying
  • Control
  • Negativity

And here is what I am going to embrace:

  •  My Age
  • Change
  • Acceptance

Thanks Carol for such a great idea!

I encourage each of you to think about the three things for yourself.  Oh, and I'd love to hear what you come up with...pretty sure Carol would, too.