Truth Be Told... I Love These Games

I'm a gamer. I grew up in a family of gamers. At Christmas time I am always on the look out for something different to play during our holiday get togethers and to get us through the cold winter months. This year I bought Bezzerwizzer, which is a trivia based game and my sister bought Truth be Told, which is more of a personality based game. Both are my two absolute favorite kinds of games to play on a snowy evening with friends by the fire.

Now I am not normally someone who gives product reviews... but because I 100% believe in the importance of  "game nights", and having good games to play during them, I decided I'd share my thoughts with you.

BUY them both!

Even if you are not a huge trivia fan,


is still a fun party game. It is best played in teams (especially if you don't consider yourself very trivia-wise). The variety of questions appeal to all. We played it with teenagers, late twenty-somethings and middle agers, and all were able to come up with answers. It moves fairly fast and isn't so intense that it makes your brain hurt trying to think up an answer. There is also some strategy play involved, making it a bit more challenging. I highly recommend adding this to your stash of board games as an easy and fun trivia based game for a party.

Truth Be Told

is really, really fun!

So much fun, that when I saw it on sale at Kohl's (60% off right now), I bought the three they had left at the Alpine store. One for home, one for the cottage and one for Alec to take to MSU. All ages can play as long as you can write, and no trivia brains are needed. It does help if those playing know each other. Keep in mind, it would be difficult to play this with a group of strangers. 

And as I have learned, the better people know "you",  the harder it is for YOU to win the game.

Yes, I am a wee bit competitive.

As in, when I read the question....Truth be Told, I get stressed when __________ , and everyone came up with an answer that fit me immediately, like...

  • my counters are messy 
  • when Mitch bugs me  
  • when there is too much noise
  • when my kids don't do their homework
  • when people don't wear their seat belts

it becomes super hard to get the group to choose MY correct answer. (Which I would then get a point for). Geesh, who knew I was such an open book?

Although all the answers fit, my actual answer was when there is too much noise.

I love, love, love this game. The questions are not too intrusive, so you don't have to feel like you are giving away your deepest secrets, and you get to learn about others, while laughing and having fun.

Please come over and play it with me soon!