Life Is Too Short...

Inspiring words. Life changing words.

  As I sat across the table at lunch earlier this week with an old friend....and when I say old friend, I don't mean age wise, I mean someone who over the last 20 years I have seen on and off --sometimes with gaps of years between visits.  And yet when we are together, I feel like no time has passed. We are still the same people, deep down, that met and bonded 20 years ago when we worked together in our twenties.

We were having a rather involved discussion and she said those words. Spoken not for the first time obviously....but when I heard them this time they totally rang true. And I thought to myself  "Yeah, it is".

And I am so glad that right now my life is just where I want it to be. No regrets, no wish-I-would-haves, no if onlys. I feel solid. Like if something happened to me tomorrow I could be proud of  the life I have lived and of the person I have become. It is kind of a load off my shoulders realization.

Oh I still get a few thoughts about wishing I would have never done that, or why didn't I ever do this or I should have treated that person better....but most of them are little things. On the big things, I am solid.

And I honestly believe that those mistakes and missteps I took along the path of life were necessary to make me the person I am today.

As imperfect as anyone. But perfectly me.

I have been waiting for this feeling for a long, long time.

Hello, Terri.

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