We Did It-- Even Though No One Was Really In the Christmas Spirit

I ask for one thing from my boys around Thanksgiving every year...their cooperation for the annual Christmas picture. I never get it. Only moments before this shot was taken, there was fighting. As a result it is almost like a joke when I send out my card, because Christmasy is usually NOT what I was feeling when the family Christmas picture was taken. There are usually tears (from me) involved! Thankfully this year was not as bad as usual... at least everyone is looking at the camera--and Mitch is not making a goofy face.

The way I see it there are two schools of thought on Christmas pictures. Some people, like us, send yearly pictures of our whole family. Some people only send pictures of their kids. I hate that. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love to get pictures of everyone's children, but what I really like to see is current pictures of our friends, too. Many of the folks we exchange Christmas cards with we have not actually "seen" since college. And it is safe to assume that everyone has changed since then, yes "gasp", they've grown older and grayer and maybe a little heavier. But so have we. So c'mon! Show us your beautiful children, but be brave and show us YOU as well. Please....

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