Paying It Forward

Why is it that people get cranky and mean around the holidays?

In all honesty I need to include myself in that category, well at least in years past, anyway.

Maybe it is the overwhelming amount of things to be "done" that makes everyone a little quicker to anger than normal, a little more impatient. Or the sense that the year is ending and there is so little time to accomplish what we set out to do at the beginning of the fresh new year.

Whatever the reason, I am purposefully trying something different this year. I am trying to see if me having a different attitude while shopping and interacting with people around this busy time of year will help my attitude as well.

And so far it is working. The first time I went out it was on a Sunday and I had a BIG list to accomplish, but I was not in a BIG hurry. Nor did I have to find everything on my list. I just wanted to begin to move my holiday shopping in a forward direction.

I was at Kohl's when I saw an older lady holding one of those long hook things and looking up at a rack of sweaters. She looked like she needed help. And rather than make her wait for a Kohl's employee, who sometimes seem non-existent when you really need them, I offered to assist. (I kind of like the challenge of using those long hooky things anyway.)

At first she thought I was an employee and asked for an XL sweater. As I began my attempt at reading the tags, way up over my head, she noticed that I was just another shopper. She was a bit embarrased and tried to send me on my merry shopping way, but I refused and said I was happy to help.  After a little more effort,  I found her size, and got it down for her.

She was so thankful. As I started to walk away she said.... Thank you for being so nice. I will make sure to pay it forward.

I practically stopped in my tracks. How cool! I wasn't even thinking along those lines. It just seemed the right thing to do at the time.

The fact that my kindness might possibly be paid forward became icing on the cake.

Maybe there is something to this....all I know is,  I am going to keep it going. The attitude, the smile, the kindness...

It is way more fun to be happy than crabby, especially at this time of year.

Try it.