Has Your Healing Begun?

Maybe a better question is: do you even think you need healing? I didn't think I did.

And I was wrong.

I've come to realize that everyone has past wounds to heal from. And not always from traumatic experiences they've been through; the wounds can be self-inflicted.

Mine were.

Self-criticism comes easily to type-A control freaks. We have mean inner voices that endlessly cause us to question ourselves and search for unattainable perfectionism.

A person can only take the pressure of constant achievement and accomplishment for so long before crashing. And burning. This I know from experience. You cannot judge yourself by the list of what you accomplish or how busy you are.

Slow it down.

If you think you cannot quiet your mind or sit still for a yoga class because you are the type who needs to run or move--- you are probably the person who needs it most. You are in constant motion for a reason. I was because I didn't want to listen to that mean inner voice. So I moved. And I kept moving for years, measuring my worth by what I accomplished, until one day I couldn't do it any longer.

And then I slowly began to learn how to be still and I uncovered the message I needed to hear most. I am worthy -- just by being me.

Yoga was a huge part of my transformation and I consider it my gateway to happiness. It started things in motion that eventually unblocked my heart. I am forever grateful for the friends who encouraged me to try it.

Here were my steps to healing:

  • Step one was learning to live with an open heart. I credit yoga as the starting point.
  • Step two was understanding that I was a highly sensitive person --approx. 20% of people on earth are hsp's. Reading about what being an hsp means rocked my world and jump started my self-love and acceptance.
  • Step three was having my energy rebalanced with reiki. Once I was functioning on all cylinders, my life gained a clarity it had never had before--or at least not that I remembered. And I was able to begin my healing.

No t everyone will take the same path I did and that is okay -- we all have different paths to travel. However I meet people nearly every day who are very much like me, who need to hear the same messages I needed to hear.

Question of the Week #49 / Do you need to heal yourself before you can begin to be the change you wish to see in the world?

Healing begins with a step. Quieting your mind is one way to start. So begin to tune in with whatever method works for you.

Create something new: write, paint, draw, sew, knit or take photos of trees.

Move your body: dance, run, walk in nature, swim --just make sure you have time to let your mind clear -- time that isn't spent listening to a neighbor spill their guts or music that blocks everything else out.

Get outside: grow a garden, build a deck, fish, or climb rocks.

There is no right or wrong way to begin. Just do more of what brings you peace, what you lose track of time doing and let your healing begin naturally.