Sometimes It Is All About Me

IMG_6499When life throws you a curve ball what is your natural reaction?

Do you:

  • freeze?
  • get into a frenzy of "doing"?
  • start and internal "woe is me" dialogue?
  • panic?
  • share with everyone?
  • feel anxious, get a stomach ache?

While there is no right or wrong answer, as we all deal with things differently...there is something you should do.

stop. breathe. feel. acknowledge.

Think about what is in your control. Then do something about it. Even if it is only changing your attitude. Let the rest go and trust it is happening as it is supposed to.

I'm learning that trust for me isn't always my first reaction. But slowly it is becoming apparent it is the path to living life with ease.

When I feel off -- I focus inward --rather than outward as I once did --- to see if there is anything I can control.

  • my thoughts
  • my attitude
  • my positivity
  • my focus
  • my acceptance
  • my response

Notice they all start with "my". In this case how I respond to a curve ball is really all about me. I have all the choice in how I handle my response. The power has been in me all along. Now I'm learning to use it.

Question of the Week #31: How Centered Are You?

Here's an example from my own life that might resonate with many of you. I'm on vacation this week. It has rained 5 of 6 days at the time of my writing this. In the past, this would have ruined it for me. Even a few days of clouds have dampened my previous vacations. this time I'm chuckling --- apparently I needed these days of clouds for a different purpose. So far I've worked on copy for my website to get it off go. I've written several notepads full of beginnings for my own book. I've read. I've listened to the contagious sound of my boys laughing at a t.v. show and laughed along with them.

I played cards -- something I've missed. I took walks and noticed how beautiful the world around my cottage is. Both times two deer  --the same ones I am sure--- watched me from the edge of the woods. A dragonfly landed on my toe. One flew by me as I stood on the dock. My husband told me one landed on his golf ball and stayed there until he putted it into the hole. I've had time to discuss really interesting things with my oldest son, he even let me do the passion test on him.

Had the hot, glorious sun so often craved by me been out all week, I would have likely have missed out on all this. So, I'm okay with clouds, rain, cold --someone much wiser than I had other plans for me. Maybe this was the lesson I needed.

See what is right in front of you and appreciate it. Bet this vacation will be remembered far longer than a hot, sunny, water sport filled one would have been.