I'm Not a Quitter / Question of the Week #3

if youSo can I tell you something that's not really a secret (it feels like one) but is just really weird for me to say, before I give you the question of the week?

{Big sigh.} I quit. I'm not a quitter, but I quit.

As in... I resigned from the job I've had for one year. I work for a really really great place, with talented people, who do awesomely creative printing, and who have all the forward-thinking potential I desire in an employer. And yet, I up and quit.

Am I in the throes of a mid-life crisis? No. Yes. Maybe? I'm actually not sure. All I know is that I needed to make a change, because it wasn't working for me. I'll share more on this later, but I wanted you to know that I don't pretend to have the answers, I just like asking the questions. And answering them, too.  I'm on a mission to align who I feel I am on the inside with what I "do" on the outside.

Here is Question #3 : If you had a whole day to yourself, to do anything you wanted....how would you spend it?

(Don't be practical and think that you have to take a vacation day to do this, or get a babysitter to watch the kids for the day so you can make the most of it, just think a whole day for you, a "free" day-- to do whatever YOU want. What would you do?)

Here's what I'd do:

  • I'd walk and/or do yoga in the morning
  • I'd catch up on facebook, and twitter and lots of blogposts I don't have time to read
  • I'd cook something yummy
  • I'd clean the house so it sparkled, unless I was at the cottage...then I'd be out in the sun or behind the boat as soon as possible
  • I'd write;  a blogpost, a feature article, something
  • I'd read, take notes, and learn
  • I'd have friends and/or family over for dinner and karaoke (as long as my kids were there to sing with me)
  • I'd hold hands with my husband, cuddle and smile, a lot

I'm good with low-key and slow. With time to breathe. And to think. And to create. And to appreciate.

I can't wait to hear what you'd spend your free day doing.