From the Outside In

It's okay to be confident, it's not okay to be arrogant.

It's okay to be optimistic, but not unrealistic.

Positive, but not delusional.

The list is endless.

It boils down to attitude and intentions. If your actions begin from a place of genuineness (and not selfishness) you will operate through life with integrity, and people will sense this. If your focus is more for selfish gain, it becomes a slippery slope. When you are not perceived by the world around you as an honest and true person, you won't learn to operate as one.

Are you uncomfortable with who you have become? If so, then it's time to reevaluate. 

It's not too late.

Everyone has the ability to look at themselves from the outside in, and to examine how the world views them. To reality check yourself and see where your true and honest intentions begin from. If you don't like what you see, you can always make a change. I'm not saying this change will come quickly or easily, in fact, it may be the hardest thing you ever do.  But in the end you will love yourself for it. And so will those around you.

Make your life matter. Be authentic. Be real. Be genuine.