So Why Are You Here?

My Startgarden Happy Hour Recap

Apologies for the crappy photo from my phone.

So why are you here?

That’s the question everyone asked me as I walked into the Startgarden Happy Hour last night. Since the Startgarden crew is a bit mysterious about their events, (the word stealth comes to mind)…I’m never really positive what I’m getting myself into (maybe they aren’t yet, either).

After attending last night, I’d liken it to a yoga class; where everyone comes for their own reasons, and everyone expects something different out of the class. So why did I show up last night?

Curiosity. It all boils down to curiosity. Not only because I am a seriously curious person, who asks a LOT of questions, but because I wanted to know if attending a Startgarden event would satisfy my inner need for a 5 x 5Night fix. Weird then, that the first five people I encountered had barely even heard of 5 x 5Night, let alone attended one. Not at all what I expected.

So, what did happen then? Nothing much, I just met people, talked to people and oh yeah, shot holes in one guy’s idea, helped one person hone their idea down into a manageable starting point, and made arrangements to meet up with another to assist her with helping her idea move forward. (In all fairness I should disclose that it happened to be about something I know a little about… yoga instructors). But the point is….

Where/when else is a regular girl like me who grew up on GR’s NW side (and still lives there), who spent 24 years at the same job, and who first and foremost is a wife and mom, going to get the chance to do that in an hour and a half? NOwhere, and that’s the beauty of Startgarden. I left feeling my opinions and thoughts were relevant and useful. And I left fired up, energized, and happy.

I am a person that has a lot of ideas, the ability to comprehend things quickly (well, after I ask a lot of questions, that is), is fueled by an inner need to teach, and loves helping people reach their full potential. But… I have little opportunity to use these skills in my everyday job, and certainly my kids are sick of me trying to prod them along to reach their full potential, so I’m left feeling a little under-utilized.

Startgarden made me feel…useful.

So, are you wondering if you should go?

Yes, if you like hanging with forward thinking, creative, idea generating peeps. And if you thrive on creative energy, then it is a must that you attend the next Startgarden Happy Hour. It is scheduled for July 12th. Register to attend at I’ll be there, this time with some of my forward thinking, entrepreneurial twitter friends who also like being in on the action.

Thanks Startgarden crew for giving regular people like me a chance to be a part of something bigger than myself, and for making me feel (for at least an hour and a half) that my brain is firing on all cylinders.

P.S. Lambert Edwards—your offices rock and so does that rooftop venue! Thanks for sponsoring the Startgarden Happy Hour.

P.S.S. I still miss me some 5 x 5Night presentations.