Bursting Out Of Your Bubble

We all have our bubbles, not to be confused with clouds, around us. How many of us are in our own little bubble (aka our comfort zone) and don’t even realize it?

That was me. Until I had an experience that changed my life. I was minding my own business, following the rules, living life as I had been taught, when my bubble was burst. It was backstage at a high school production of Annie, in 2009. That experience not only changed my life, but moved me from seeing things in black and white, to living in the gray.

I think everyone is shaped by their parents and the way they grow up. Sometimes this is good, sometimes not so much. In my case, I was taught to not only take care of myself, and my own, but to follow the rules, and to prepare for a successful future.

What I missed out growing up middle class and republican, was learning to accept diversity. Instead of being open to all different types of people, I was instead scared of them. I thought since they were different, that meant to approach them with caution.

Wow, was I wrong.

Being open to the gray has changed my life completely. And it was something I needed. You can only live in your bubble for so long until it starts to get stale. You need fresh air, a new perspective. You need to be challenged by someone or something different.

So if you think you are living in a safe little bubble,  try shaking things up.  Need some help? Ask yourself this question: what was the last thing that you did that made you feel really alive? It can be something that made you happy, something that challenged you, even something that scared you. Got that something in mind?

Now, go right back out and do it again.