I Painted My Toes Green...

...because I am happy. 

I have a new job and I am so excited for what is to come.

To the naysayers who question my sanity about changing career directions in this economy, and at my age, to sell digital printing, direct mail and wide format ink jet printing, I say this: I am 100% confident in my decision. I am happy. I am excited. I am ready.

I say this with total confidence, because now that the decision is made, I can fully breathe. And it feels so good. I took my own advice. Nearly two weeks ago while we were breathing at the beginning of class, I suggested that my yoga students let something go.  On their next exhale I encouraged them to exhale something away, allowing room for something good to come in.

It totally worked. I did indeed let something go that night, something that was super hard to let go of. I let go of who I was, who I had spent almost 24 years of my life being. I let go of how I had come to define myself and the very next day I had the most positive day ever! Seemingly out of the blue, I found my new place, my new direction.

I'll share with you why I know I am headed in the right direction. This is the message I received the day after my initial meeting with my new employers:

"This is one of those rare situations in which we really don’t need to have more discussions or meetings to ruminate upon the right decision. We think that the stars have aligned properly and that you would be a fantastic addition to our unique crew here and we would be honored to have you out there in the world representing our business. "

You see, sometimes even though the path is not clear to us, it all makes sense from a higher power. My stars have aligned, my dots have connected, and I am happy.

And more importantly I have faith that this is the spot I was meant to get to, the place I am supposed to be, right now, at this moment.

And see, my toes are indeed, green.