Hello Terri, Welcome Back

Credit: Google Images

Okay, so I had the best day yesterday. It felt so good. I even broke a rule and texted while at a stoplight just to share it with some peeps who needed to hear something positive come out of my mouth. (Do not tell my kids about the texting part).

It started off a rainy Thursday, one of those where it is easy to give in to the grey. But, in honor of my number two New Year's Resolution, I chose to look at the positive: my car is getting a badly needed car wash in January for free from all this rain.

And then it happened. The snowball effect of positive thinking. One thing after another.

First, I got an unexpected phone call with some good news. Good way to start the day off on the right foot.

Then, I left a really great meeting (that ran longer than I anticipated, and since I had failed to fuel the parking meter properly) expected to find a ticket! There was no ticket on my car. And 3/4 through that meeting I found out that the super cool new person I was meeting with, actually knew me. I had once been her yoga instructor. Talk about a small world.

At the next stop the meter I chose to park at had time left on it. Bonus.

I got a phone call. Sadie was downtown in the rain and needed a ride. I was one block over. I hadn't seen her in what seemed like days. So ten minutes in the car with her was an unexpected gift.

I stopped for McDonald's-- my go to cheap food stop ---and the drive thru handed me the freshest fries I have ever gotten from McDonald's. And believe me, I have eaten more than my fair share (I even used to work there).

Later, I went to another great and positive meeting and left it filled with possibilities. I felt fantastic.

I smiled at everyone I encountered as I did my weekly grocery shopping (during the big Snowmageddon after work rush) and not only did the grocery store clerks all smile back at me, they chatted and genuinely wished me a great evening.

An email from a friend came in, with contact information for someone who might be willing to help me work out the blog design for my new blogs, and maybe even do it in trade. What a plus to think I might actually be able to move my ideas forward for a change. Relief.

Then came the news that Sadie got another job. No call backs, no-let-us think about its, she was hired on the spot after they passed up four others who interviewed before her. She was just what they were looking for. Awesome news.

And all this was followed by dinner (home cooked and complete with wine) at a totally awesome new friend's house. A treat for me she said...just because, who else takes care of momma? And she made tofu lettuce wraps. Did I mention I have never knowingly eaten tofu before? I loved them.

Happenstance...or just positivity? I guess a person can't know for sure, but I'm now a believer that the vibe you give off to the world, comes right back at you. 

Hello, Terri. It's nice to have you back.