Send Them Packing?

Growing up this was one of my happy places. Many a summer day was spent turtling on this pond.

Not this time.

I think it is finally time for my dreams.

I can feel myself warming to the idea that maybe NOW is the perfect time for my dreams to come true.

Why not? I've been patient. I've worked hard. I've helped raise my children from wee ones to strapping men. What better time than the present?

I'm ready.

Lately I'm daring to do things I've never done before. Blogging, for one. Opening myself up. Sharing the real and very flawed me with anyone who will read my words. That is already a bit out of my normal comfort zone.

So as the ideas swirl, and the wheels turn, I am finding endless energy. When have I ever gotten up in the middle of the night to work on an idea? Pretty sure that would be umm, never before.

What's the worst that can happen if I charge off on a new course toward a dream?

I could fail.

Okay, so there is that. Failure scares me. It always has.

But I've got a pretty decent track record of success, a good history. So it stands to reason that I could survive a little set back, I could weather a mistake or two, right?

I'm never going to know unless I try.

One thing is for certain. It is far more fun having so many ideas that I can't get them down fast enough, than it was to be numb and stagnant.

I apologize to anyone who has spent time with me lately who leaves thinking, whoa, does she ever shut up?

And to my ideas keep evolving (and changing) and getting scrapped. But your input, your listening ear, your patience with me, is invaluable.

Thank you for being my sounding board.

Someday soon I will make you proud.

I promise.