Letter To The Women Who Inspire Me

 A group of women I recently met that inspired me in a million ways.

Thank you.

I cannot even put into words how inspired I am by you.

Yes, you.

I know you are thinking "she's not talking to me", but really I am. In ways you are not even aware of, you inspire me to be the best person I can be.

I meet new women almost every day. And I am always inspired by your beauty, your confidence,  your strength, your intelligence, and your comfort in your own skin.

It does not matter your age, size, financial or marital status, or what you do for a living... you all inspire me.

For a girl who spent the majority of her life getting along better with the boys....I sure have got a fascination with girl power lately.

All at once I am energized by women of all ages.

Growing up I had two close girl friends, the rest of the time I meshed better with the boys. It wasn't that I was a tomboy or an athlete, nor did I date very much. Boys just seemed easier, and I liked knowing where I stood them.

There wasn't drama or games, or silly tests you had to pass to be accepted. I was just liked or not liked, teased or not teased, included or not invited. I appreciated how uncomplicated the boys were about how they felt about me. Give me honest and straightforward any day, I understand that.  It made it easier to read the situation, the person, the group and not find yourself aligning with the wrong crew.

 A group of girls I know who found their tribe early on and have stuck together through
thick and thin. A group of women I admire and envy.

Growing up, the girls scared me. It was not so easy to figure out where you fit in. There was envy, manipulation, jealousy, alliances I never did understand, and well, what seemed like way too much work involved. Too much drama. I never really did align with a group.

So it is funny that now, as I reflect back on my life, I wonder, did I miss out? Maybe.

Or perhaps I just wasn't ready. Maybe I needed to grow up, to gain my own self confidence, to be able to appreciate the girls. Maybe I was the envious one? Maybe it was always me.

Whatever the reasons, can I just start over? Hopefully now it is my time to bond with the girls, to find my tribe.

Hello, my name is Terri. It's really nice to meet you.

P.S. As a result of this new found energy, I will be contributing to the home grown group blog called The Mode Life. Their mission is to share honest perspectives from a diverse collection of women, by providing informative and enjoyable reading. I like to think of it as they are giving women a voice, through words. I hope to reciprocate to all of you who inspire me, by giving a little inspiration back. Please check it out. Have you got something to say? Guest posting and additional contributors are always welcome.