A Rose By Any Other Name...

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"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet." 

--William Shakespeare, from Romeo & Juliet

My full name is Terri. Not Teresa, or Taryn, or Terril.

Just Terri. 
Terri with an “i”.
I recently realized that I have a habit of name shortening.
As in, I take liberties with people's names. Shelly becomes “Shell,” Jennifer is “Jen”, Rachel, is sometimes “Rach”, etc.
I also realized that I have always loved having my name shortened by someone.
“Ter”, “T”, or my dad’s favorite, “T.T.” are all welcomed, even encouraged, by me.
For me, the shortening of my name is a sign of intimacy between you and me. A familiarity. A, "Hey I know you well enough, and like you well enough, to call you this." And, I see it as a sign that you feel comfortable enough around me to take liberties with my name.
Apparently not everyone feels that way. People actually dislike it.
Oops. Who knew?
Now that I have been set straight, I am attempting to not take that name shortening liberty with others, until I know whether it is welcomed.
Most of my life I've worked hard at “making others comfortable”, it comes from years of hostessing and being in sales, and I usually have people’s preferences filed away in a corner of my mind. Like remembering that this person does not like onions, or this person will only drink out of a glass, not a plastic cup, or this person hates Mexican food. 
Remembering little details like that, is my way of showing a person that I care about them. By really listening to what you say, and intentionally noting and remembering your preferences, I hope to convey to you that you are important to me.
With this new revelation about my name shortening tendency, I have added a new category to my brainfile. People who do not like their name shortened.
It might seem like a trivial thing, but I see it as a wake up call, a reminder that as individuals  we perceive things differently. What I view as a welcome compliment, you may see as something completely opposite. Gives me something to think about.

For all of you who have expressed to me your dislike of the name-shortening thing, I will attempt to honor your wishes and stop taking liberties. But please know that if I do slip up, it is because I like you and feel comfortable around you, and not because I wish you any disrespect.
And by all means, feel free to take liberties with my name. I'll take it as a compliment.

What about you, how do you feel about having your name shortened?