My Own Personal Mr. Fix It!

Sometimes I forget to share just how lucky I am.

I am married to a bona fide handy man.

Because of this, I cannot even begin to calculate how much money we have saved over the years on repair bills or replacement items. I am convinced that there is nothing he can't fix. He takes things apart that I would not touch with a ten foot pole. Things that have parts and pieces so small, I can barely see them. And he always finds a way to "fix" a problem.

We recently had an ant situation in our cottage bathroom. Our "bug guy" as I like to call him, came and sprayed, but did not successfully handle the situation. There were still big black ants randomly marching out from under the toilet base. Gross.

Let me just say it is an uncomfortable feeling, especially for a girl, when you have to sit on the toilet knowing ants might be crawling up the side.

So, Mike decided to tackle our ant situation.

First, he put on his very fashionable "under the cottage suit".

I think he's kind of sexy in a "guy in uniform" sort of way.

Then, armed with ant killer stuff and a flashlight, he prepared to crawl under the cottage to see what's what.

This is his irritated you-are-not-really-taking-pictures-of-me-for-your-blog-look

Just watching him slide the panel back to reach the opening caused my claustrophobia to kick in. No way could I crawl into that hole. No way could I rescue him, should something happen to him under there.

Checking out the situation.

Just think about it.

He has no idea what is lurking in the dark. What if there's a snake, or a bed of snakes, a whole super colony of ants, or a skunk? I totally freaked myself out with this train of thought and made Mitch be on standby should Mike need assistance.

He didn't, of course.

Somehow this shot makes it look like there is more room under there. 
He has to crawl on his belly and in some spots cannot even turn his head.

My hero. 
Unfortunately, the results of his trek underneath the cottage netted a whole lot of nothing. He didn't see any nests of ants, or an indication that they were eating away at the underbelly of our cottage. But he sprayed under there just to be safe. And I have to admit that since then, the ant situation has been much more tolerable.
I am in awe of what he can do.
Admittedly he sometimes takes longer than I want him to in doing the repairs (that patience thing rearing its ugly head again), but he always comes through.
I so love that about him. 

My lack of mad skills in the fixing department came from both my parents. It's genetic. Did I ever tell you about the time my dad blew up a toaster? And, he once exploded a bike tire while attempting to patch and repair it. My brother-in-laws are not terribly handy either, so Mike is the shining star.

Gotta love my own personal "Mr. Fix It".

Thanks honey, for all that you do.