It's Never Too Late

Take your step, because it is never too late.

We all face roadblocks, disappointments, and situations that feel out of our control. But my question to you it really out of our control? Or, do you just need to learn to maneuver your way around the roadblocks?

You might be stronger than you think! Your action and reactions to different situations show your true inner strength.

I met up with a friend I hadn't seen or spoken to for maybe 20+ years this past 4th of July weekend. How is that even possible that I haven't seen her in so long?

I was astonished (and quite pleased) to learn that a few years back at the age of 45 she decided to return to school and become a lawyer. A lawyer! Holy cow. She told the story of not only being the oldest person in her law class, but of discovering the boy who had taken her daughter to the high school prom years earlier, was also in that class. It made me smile. And, it made me think.

Laugh with your whole heart.

While I consider myself young at heart (aka I do not think I am grown up enough to be almost 49) this weekend I came face to face with the reality that I am indeed, not young anymore. A beach volleyball game was in the process of starting up, and one of the kids shouted out, oldies vs. youngies. Cool, I thought, and in my mind automatically aligned myself with the youngies. Big mistake. Not only was I clearly not a "youngie" anymore, as Mike pointed out, I was actually the 3rd oldest player on the court.

Back to my friend... she worked as a paralegal for years, and as her children grew older and eventually left the nest,  she realized she was no longer happy simply making corrections to other people's legal documents. So she took a leap of faith and decided to enroll in law school. She did this knowing her new path would likely mean she'd be one of the oldest, if not the oldest student in her class. And acknowledging that it would take a lot of time, hard work and money to achieve her goal.

How brave is that? She took a chance on herself.

Make a wish.
Many women around my age, myself included, could use a little of that bravery in daring to take a step  toward our dreams. It makes me a little in awe of her. She's a grandmother now, a wife, a mother and a lawyer and she loves what she is doing. That is so fantastic. It makes me really proud when I hear stories of women who do something about the situation they find themselves in when the children grow up and no longer need the same things from "mom". It is a crucial time for us 40 somethings when we re-evaluate who we are, who we want to be, and decide what it means to be happy, whole, and complete. The strongest women dare to make those changes and take the leaps of faith.
This also makes me think about younger women I know. Those who find themselves in situations where they think the easiest solution is to just give in to their lot in life, to accept who they are, how they grew up, and relinquish control over what happens next. As if they have no choice, no option. As if... they cannot break the cycle and become their own person.

Women are strong by nature. The power is yours to make your life what you want it to be. No life is ever perfect, in fact I'd guess that nothing is ever perfect; not timing, nor circumstance. But I do believe that women have the strength to accomplish anything, and my old friend is a perfect example of that.
Be happy.
If you find yourself in a tough spot, or even if you are just feeling restless, take a look inside. Listen to your inner voice. It will usually tell you what you need to hear. Trust it. And don't be afraid to make a change. What is the worst that can happen? If you make a mistake, then go on and fix it by making another change. Continuing to do what you know is not the right thing, and not following your heart or your gut, helps no one. However, admitting you were wrong, takes guts. Taking a chance and making changes, takes strength.
Life is all about making choices, some good, some bad, and learning from them. It is a series of steps: forward, backward, sometimes sideways and then hopefully, forward again. Those steps will lead you to the place you were always meant to go.
So ask yourself, what do I want out of life?  Is it time to take a step? Associate yourself with those who will help you reach your goals, and use them for moral support and to help you stay on track. If you need help, ask for it. It also might be a good time to "clean your closet" and get rid of those people who are  holding you back as well.
Even a little foot can take a big step.

Life is short, but remember there is still time. You can do it! Whatever it is...

And so can I.