How's This For A Confidence Builder?

I mentioned on Easter we played my favorite game Truth Be Told. (If you are interested, I explained a little more how this game works in a previous post.) What I didn't mention about yesterday is that I went first and here is the question we had to answer about me:

Truth Be Told when I look in the mirror I see ______________.

Here is my lovely family's list of answers to this. And remember they are supposed to answer as if they were me.

  • My Gray hair (I have never died my hair and  I refuse to)
  • My Eyebrows (I complain that my eyebrow hair grows so fast I have to tweeze every darn day)
  • My Zits (3 people said this and I had to send them all back  to come up with different answers because that was MY actual answer)
  • My wrinkles (do I have those?)
  • My big teeth (what????)
  • My boogers (my family has to say boogers or fart in at least every other answer)
  • The stuff stuck in my teeth (big pet peeve when no one tells me)

Well why didn't they just top off this love fest by adding my thin lips, big nose, droopy eye, big ears, and pale face to the list?
And did I mention that my sister Shelly could NOT stop laughing at every answer? Good thing I love them all so much.

Who still gets zits at almost 49 anyway? Gheesh!