Bubbles & Bunnies & Girl Time, Oh My!

The thing I love most about holidays is the girl time. Since I pretty much always have serious boy time at my house, going to my mom and dad's for Easter when the whole family is there, is super sweet for me. My mom has one sister, my aunt Lo, and I am the oldest of three girls. Since my sisters each have a daughter, that makes for an even guy/girl ratio in the house. That is rare for me.
We played one of my favorite games before Easter dinner Truth Be Told and giggled until our belly's hurt.
Bubbles, egg hunts, bunny ice cream cakes, games and girl time. What more can a girl ask for?
Happy Easter, I hope yours was as blessed as mine.
Here's one sweet niece.
Could she be any cuter?
Smiling at Alec who's helping her blow bubbles.
She could hardly wait for her cousin to arrive.
So she could find eggs.
Maybe the boys will have to hide them better next year.
Until her basket was full.
She was so proud of the Baskin Robbins bunny cake she brought.
My sister and my other sweet niece.
Me and Sadie
P.S. I don't want anyone to think I didn't appreciate the day with all the boys in my life, because I did....it's just that there is something special about a little girl time now and then. And I felt like sharing the fun.