I Love It. I Applaud It. I Follow It.

So I think I might be weird.....and I'm not sure if I am doing this blogging thing properly.

I don't want to read a blog from someone I do not "know". Is that bad?

I have spent a fair amount of time looking at other blogs. Now, I don't really have to "know" a person in real life, but I have to have at least a sense of them in order to follow their blog.

My favorite blogs are the ones who's readers tell me who they are, and then be themselves.

On the car ride home from MSU last weekend I casually mentioned to Alec, my oldest, who was in the car with me, hey you commented on my blog this week.

 I didn't even know, he knew, I had one. So, I bravely went on to ask what he thought of it. I am pretty sure I was holding my breath until he answered.

He said. It's good mom. When I read it, it sounds like you. And I can see your facial expressions saying what you write (or some paraphrase of that). And it made me feel really good.

I don't pretend to know what I am talking about. I don't pretend to be a writer. I don't pretend that anyone really wants to read what I say, but I am glad they do, I am, who I am.

I do this, for me.

I think I like reading blogs from people, who A) can write, it doesn't matter what style they write in, who B) say something, and who C) strike a chord with me.

I don't care if I agree or disagree with them, in the end I just want them to be real.

I have read some of the BIG bloggers' blogs, like Pioneer Woman. And she is r-e-a-l. That is cool. She writes what she would say while sitting down and talking to me, and she isn't always politically correct. And I appreciate that.

I have read other blogs, where the writers are uncomfortable about sharing their profile. They write super well, but when I read their blog, I lack the connection I should have, to truly understand them. They definitely have something to say, but for me, it is all about being real.

Show me the real and whole you. Imperfect. Honest. Vulnerable. And I will follow.

My friend Leanna started a blog last week. It's her. For better or for worse. I love it. I applaud it. I follow it.

Oh and did I mention, she's only 19? Awesome. http://theroadtotheunknown.wordpress.com/.