We Didn't Suck...

Me and Sadie, photo taken in the Chuck E. Cheese Photo Booth

Birthday success.

Well, I think it was, anyway.

 I am never sure. But that is kind of a mom thing, isn't it?

You never really know. Things can be good and then poof, they change on a dime.

God gave me boys. Dirty, sweaty, active kids. They didn't need their hair done, they weren't too picky about their clothes (well, they did both have their moments. Remember the tall sweat sock stage, Alec?, and I am pretty sure Mitch wore the same three shirts for an entire school year!), and thankfully they have never been terribly moody.

That's probably why God did not bless me with that girl I always wanted.

I am patience-challenged.

This weekend for Sadie's 21st birthday we did indeed, karaoke in the real world. It was the first song of the night. Alec, Sadie and I sang Build Me Up Buttercup, by The Foundations.

She was nervous. Yeah, really....her, with the fantastic voice. Me, not so much. Okay, in all honesty it could have been the wine I drank before we got there, but I did not care. We had fun. We didn't suck.

I didn't get any rave reviews, even from my husband, but I am pretty sure there were worse singers that came after us.

So, goal accomplished!

And my sweet Alec sang a Backstreet Boys song, all by himself, Shape of My Heart. Really, really tough song to sing. It wasn't his best effort. He was "pitchy", okay maybe I have been watching a little too much American Idol, ....but I had proud heart anyway, for his bravery and confidence.

Alec singing Shape of My Heart. What a great weekend!

P.S. Why the heck am I so pooped?