This Too Shall Pass...

Ever want to reach out and help a friend in need of support, but realize there is really nothing you can do to help? Except maybe send good thoughts, hugs and love her way....

This happened to me today. My friend Rachel needed a big hug. So, on a dreary Sunday morning, (as it is sleeting against the windows here in Michigan) I offered her the "This too shall pass" and it will make you stronger line of comfort. I hope it was enough.

I meant it. Heck, I often live it.

And I currently need  it send back to me.

I just had the courage to go online and look up Mitch's grades for the end of this marking period.

He started out the year with a 3.6 GPA, my guess is that right now it is probably about a 2.0. Not to mention, he's a junior. The year that colleges look at your grades.... h-e-l-l-o.

Nice way to start out your future, eh?

Remember...this too, shall pass.

At least I am counting on that.