Can My First Born Really Be 19 Already?

Alec on his 19th birthday!

 I started this post a while back and never finished it. I thought maybe it was time.

On February 26, Alec celebrated his 19th birthday. It was so much fun to have him home for the weekend with his friends from MSU. We did karaoke, we ate, we played games. They went sledding, built sleeping forts and stayed up all night.

Yes, I did say 19.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

As is the way around here, before I even had time to finish the post, my pre-vet bound college freshman dropped a bomb on us. He said he could not see his future as a veterinarian (something he had solely aspired to be, since first grade), and he wanted to change his major to become an elementary school teacher.

Gulp. Yoga breath. Take another deep calming yoga breath, Terri. It's okay. Really.

"This is what all college freshman do. Better he figures it out now. He'll make a great teacher!" said my friends.

True. Very true. But holy cow.

I am so not good with change.

I realize that it is okay to change your mind. Heck, even I did once I got to school. But that is quite a switch, considering he only applied to one school because of the veterinary program. So what now?

I can adapt. Change is good.

Okay, so maybe the words that came out of my mouth in the ensuing week did not adequately express what I was thinking/feeling. Maybe they came out a little more "money" ish than I really intended. I'm pretty sure I said I wasn't cosigning another loan for $23,000 unless he was sure MSU was the right place to go to become a teacher, and unless he started putting forth his best effort in his classes.

Yep. I said it. 

But as Mike gently reminded me, it isn't only about the money.

And he's right. So, after many conversations, here is where it stands. Alec will either stay at MSU next year and switch to the College of Education, or he will move back home to Grand Rapids and attend GVSU.

Now, do I really want him home?

Be careful what you wish for....

P.S. Stay tuned.