So...2 fruits, 3 bottles of water and a vegetable, all in one day. It might just be a record for me.

Oh yeah and it might just be a record day of trips to the bathroom as well. Yikes. Who knew what all that water does to a body! Geez.

First work day of the new year. Back to work, back to getting up early, back to showering, back to doing my hair, back to reality.

actually, it wasn't that bad. The day got considerably brighter when my new yoga classes were full of many familiar faces. And some new ones. First time yogis. YES! I hope they love it as much as I do.

The best news about the familiar faces, it means I didn't scare the students away last session.


Now the big question,  will I be able to move tomorrow?

We will just have to see.

How's your New Year starting off?