Fruit, Fiber, Water...Yuck

Okay the reality is that I need more water, fruit, fiber and vegetables in my diet. And while I know this is true all year round, it takes a resolution for me to make myself do it. Past history shows it still only lasts for a month before I fall back into my unhealthy ways.

Oh well, maybe this year will be different.

So here are my 2011 New Year's Resolutions....

  1. Eat healthier (as in drink more water and add more fruit and vegetables to the mix)
  2. Get more cardio (I'm even thinking that I will try Zumba again, even though I could not be worse at following someone else's dance steps or at keeping the beat)

Think Elaine on Seinfeld...


...only at a faster pace.

      3. And oh yeah, I still need to organize those digital photos.

While I could add a lot more things to the list, I think this is where I will leave it. Somehow three things seem easier to accomplish than an entire list.

So what is your New Year's Resolution?