Making Some Room to Breathe

Photo Credit: Terri Spaulding

I wrote the following post nearly a year ago, and apparently never posted it. It seems relevant to post now as the approaching change of season inspires me to (once again) clear out the clutter that has built up over the last year. (Okay that will be a little harder now that there is a baby in the house, but I will do my best to get rid of the things I have hung onto "for someday"  and never used). How about you?


Is it time for you to clear out some of your mental or emotional clutter?

I took a large load of stuff we didn't wear (or use) to Goodwill today. It felt really freeing to get it out of my house, out of my way and off of my mind. I need to do it again --with another closet.

This living by example can be tough some days. I always encourage my yoga students to let "things" go with every exhale, to lighten their load mentally and emotionally and make room for fresh air. New thoughts. Different ideas. Positivity.

In addition maybe I should start recommending that people work to simplify their lives. To remove some of the "physical" junk we keep around us. The dead weight. The stuff we keep "in case".

If you are at all like me, you probably have saved something for a future rainy day need only to misplace it in the heap of "stuff" you saved just "in case" and ultimately end up buying another.

When I walked away from the business world I grew up in, I left behind the need to always be buying more stuff. I live so much simpler now. Comfortable clothes, the same flip flops or same boots I wore last year. Maybe I even wear the same pair of yoga pants twice in one week (washed of course). The great thing about my new life is that no one cares --- the yoga community is less judgmental, more open, and super appreciative that I show up --- and not at all worried about what I show up in.

I love my job. When people ask what I do---I have been answering "officially I am a yoga instructor, unofficially I help people feel better in their own bodies and promote peace--inner peace that is."

Hey, peace has to start somewhere. I'd like to help it along and make people feel good about themselves.

Clear the clutter from your life. Breathe a little easier in your own skin. Feel good.

Namaste beautiful soul.