I'm Ready, Are You?

Outside right now there are birds chirping, the snow is melting and some early and hopeful sprouts of green are peeking out of the post winter gray. We are so lucky to have a distinct change of seasons here in Michigan. It is exactly what I need to get me moving again. I have let so many things sit on the back burner while I turtled in this winter and stayed safe and warm. 

The change of season into Spring after the long cold dark days of winter is a kick in the pants for me to come out of hibernation and to begin anew. That means trees, walking, writing, taking photographs and soon-- going to my happy place at the cottage.

It also means I feel the need to step up my game as well. I have been held back in recent months by fear (maybe even as my friend Marcy says--the fear of too much success). All winter I could have been recording meditations. I could have had my friend Sue Ann type up the hundreds of blog posts I have written over the past couple of years and never published (she even volunteered) to see if there is a book in there.  I could have looked for a steady writing gig where I would share my words with a bigger audience and not just with my personal blog followers. But until yesterday when I recorded a few free meditations, I hadn't done any of those things.

I will put myself in the shoes of one of my personal coaching clients and ask: "What is holding you back?"

My answer: Failure. Indecision. And a fear that the simple life I have created for myself in the past two years might get complicated again if I do any of them.

I was proficient with deadlines when I had a business career. I made a lot of lists, judged the success of my day by what I got done, and I was extremely efficient --( I always knew the fastest way from point A to B). But back then the fear of losing control, of dropping the ball, of letting someone down, of failing to live up to my reputation --- pushed me so far into Type A control freak mode, I lost the real Terri.  And I do not ever want that kind of life again.

I love my life now. Both the days I have without many commitments and the days I am traveling from yoga class to yoga class. I am rarely rushed anymore. I have time to smell the roses and enjoy little moments, and just because I can, on occasion I take the long way "there". I dislike pressure and stress and can feel it so strongly in my body now, I do everything in my power to avoid it. Even to the point of stopping my own forward motion...

As I help others tune into themselves, feel better in their bodies, breathe deeply and open their hearts, I also continue to blossom into the best version of me. Not a day goes by that I don't learn something new--or smile in awe at how lucky I am. And I recognize that change leads to growth so I know I cannot coast forever. In order to grow fully into myself, I have to stretch myself. So I am currently getting myself "off go".

One way is to tell you (and the universe) that I am ready to take on more personal coaching clients. At first I doubted that I could flourish at life coaching because deep down I thought I had to get certified so that people would trust me to help them. I see now that I already have the skills I need to help others move forward. I've been building them for years and testing them out on myself --I know what has worked and what hasn't, as I am always my own harshest critic. So my advice to me is to take a step forward.

If you are looking for a catalyst to get you "off go" as well--let me know. I am ready to help via personal coaching and/or I am open to suggestions for workshops that you would like to attend. Let's get off go together.

Here is a little exercise I wanted to share to get you moving forward and thinking positively. It is Spring after all: the season of renewal, growth, and new possibilities. Enjoy!

The Path to Positivity Starts Within You

  • Stop trying to please everyone
  • Stop trying to be a star at the expense of your life
  • Stop trying to do everything perfectly
  • Stop doing everything yourself
  • Stop relying on adrenaline to get you through

Instead, start saying "no" to others and "yes" to YOU. Please you. Let something slide or do your best even if it is less than perfect. Give yourself a break. Ask for help. Slow down. Smell the roses that are soon to bloom. And move in the direction of your best self.


The first ball I'd like to drop is :


The first thing I'd like to do for myself to renew my spirit and give me energy is:


The first step I will take toward getting unstuck and moving in the direction of a better me is:


Now GO!