Alive Again, Naturally

Feeling a little drained, blah, closed off & constricted lately? Maybe you need to tap into some natural energy and get outside! Using nature as your gym is not only fun--- it is rejuvenating. While I highly recommend yoga on the mat (inside) as a daily/weekly practice, I emphatically believe that moving our bodies outside is the ultimate energizer.

Thinking it is still too cold outside....that didn't stop Mary Ellen Hoinski from planking off Gill's Pier Road by Lake Michigan. What a beautiful sight in her red coat. (Thanks for sharing this gorgeous photo.)

 Photo Credit:  Nancy Hoinski 

Whatever the weather, busting out a yoga move or two is a great way to ground and re-energize yourself. There is a calming beauty in listening to the birds happily chatting, feeling the wind on your face, hearing the waves lapping on the shore while you tune into your body and your breath.

Check out these fun photos of me and my friends using the woods, water and beach as our yoga studio.

Using  a fallen tree (natural props) to challenge balance.

Side Angle in the warm early summer sun.

Triangle under the fall trees.

Warrior Three near the water.

Side planking on a fallen tree. (Super challenging for your balance).

Down Dog on the beach.

Yoga is perfect for any body type, age or skill level, and using the outdoors as your studio makes it free to take part.  If you feel restless, scattered, or in a funk --take yourself outside for a walk among the trees -- and while you are at it, bust out a yoga pose or two. You'll be feeling naturally rejuvenated in no time.