Back to Me

 Back To Me

I once thought I was, but learned I wasn’t.
I once thought I did, but discovered I hadn’t.
Then when I was sure, I realized instead I had no clue.
Life is a journey,
Self–discovery is a continual practice.
I am in a state of constant transformation,
My story is forever being rewritten.
Learning to be at peace with myself has been my challenge.
Uncovering the real me, and believing in her, my constant lesson.
Putting my trust in the universe, allowing life to happen,
knowing all is as it should be, my daily practice.
This practice has turned darkness into light,
Frustration into gratitude,
Control into love,
And changed my labored breaths into glorious swells of light and love.
I am now able to see through the fog. I have made it home.
Back to me.