What Are Your Biggest Frustrations? /Question of the Week #15

We all have situations or people that get us going or that push our "hot buttons".  I've often recommended that people pay attention to the things that make them the most mad in life, because it tells something about their personality. For example if rudeness bothers you --- you are probably a polite person. If meanness irritates you, you are more than likely a kind person. If you get ticked when people are late, you are probably punctual. You get the idea....Lately I've noticed that certain things frustrate me--and fast. Not sure if it is my age, or what I call my current lack of a filter, or if I am just more sensitive to the ridiculous than I once was. Messy counters, or a less than clean house used to stress me out, but now I have zero patience for people who don't make sense. Or that I believe are "fake".  You know the ones I mean, those who talk the talk but are not walking the walk?

If I use that same formula of turning frustrations around into personality traits for myself, that would tell me that I am both logical and real. And I agree with that. So let's see if this formula works for you.

Question of the Week #15 : What are your biggest frustrations?

Once you list them, turn them around to the positive and see if they align with your personality.

And truthfully, I do have a few additional frustrations: Indecision, Injustice, Rudeness, Red tape, Selfishness, Liars, and Ridiculous Rules. They all make me a little crazy. And I seem to be getting worse about hiding it.

Understanding what frustrates you is helpful so you can avoid the type of situations (or people) where you are most likely to encounter those stresses. I'd love to hear if this exercise worked for you or not. Please feel free to leave me a comment.

P.S. Have a great weekend. I'm off to Design for Good.