I'm a Seasonal Girl

I love Michigan for several reasons. One is that I can’t imagine living anywhere that doesn’t have a distinct change of seasons. While I, like most people, think our summer here is too short, I still love me a good season change.
It keeps things fresh. It signals change. You just get into the routine of summer and before you can even begin to get bored, the nights get a little cooler, the sun sets a little earlier, and the acorns start pinging off the back deck. Sure signs that summer is coming to an end. It is always bittersweet for me, because summer is hands down my favorite season.
But, there is a back to school excitement about fall, even though it has been eons since I was even in school. For me, it’s kind of like starting over. The fun and laziness of summer gets put away with every beach toy and pair of flip flops, making way for lined notebooks filled with a bucket list of possibilities.
I also totally enjoy the wardrobe switch that comes with the season change. Because one thing I get bored (quickly) with, is clothes. A season change usually means new clothes, or if that is not in the budget, at least, different clothes. Clothes that I had put away until they were weather appropriate, and which feel new when I pull them back out of the closet.
As fall arrives I always take stock of my life; my goals, my to do list; my New year’s Resolutions. It’s my wake up call that the year is soon headed for completion, and I’d better re-evaluate how far I’ve gotten on my list of goals. No longer is the sun and warm weather my “golden ticket” to relax, but now fall’s “golden ticket” becomes making some forward progress. And, it usually wakes up my exercise routine, too.
I’ve always been a summer weight gainer. And this year is no exception. The slowness I love about summer quickly morphs into the need to accomplish in the fall. I go back to teaching yoga, attending evening activities, and pursuing new passions.
I go back to reality.
Pretty sure I’d be a little sad if we didn’t have seasons. And leaves turning their beautiful colors. And pumpkin seeds, apples, soups and sweatshirts.
Yep, no doubt about it, summer rules! But deep down, I’m a Michigander. I’m a seasonal girl.
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