You Are What You Think, Not What You Think You Are

Ever heard of a vision board? Have you ever done one?

The key to living fulfilled is to find out what is important to you, to identify your passions and then to find a way to live with that passion in your life. The vision board experience is one way to help uncover and discover what is most important to you, and to help you visually express what you want in life. Think of it as a way to help unlock your dreams, goals and aspirations, even some that you might not have known about.

The idea behind a vision board is that you create a visual reminder of your dreams and goals. And it is based on the Law of Attraction which says: What you think... you will become, also what you put out into the Universe, will be returned to you.

A few months ago I attended a vision board workshop and created my own vision for the future. I loved the "me" time to sit back and think. In the past I have rarely allowed myself the time to consider questions like: What was I doing the last time I experienced joy? What could I see myself doing that would create more joy in my life? If money were not an issue, what would I spend my time doing?

Being a type A person, I am usually too busy getting things done to slow down and think about me. It's interesting what things you learn about yourself, your life, and your dreams for the future when you take the time to consider and reflect. 

Once you complete your Vision Board, it then serves as a visual representation/reminder of the things you want to have, be or do in your life.  Something you can refer back to when you're feeling a little off track, or lost, a visual personally created by you, that brings your dreams back into focus. 

Affirm the positive, visualize the positive and expect the positive, and your life will change accordingly.

In the past two months I have volunteered to lead a couple vision board workshops, one at Gilda's Club and one at a friend's house. Each time, not only do I enjoy making the connections with people and their stories, but I personally have come away with new things to add to my vision board.

I believe in the power of positive thinking. Do you? If you are interested in scheduling a vision board workshop, let me know. I'll even offer to lead one for free*, just for the experience!

*Certain restrictions apply of course.... send an email to if you are interested. 

How about you? Will you THINK positive in 2012?