You've Got Little Something In Your Teeth

How many times have you smiled at yourself in the mirror while you were washing your hands only to discover that you had something stuck in your tooth? To make things worse, you'd just spent the whole afternoon smiling at everyone you met, and chatting people up because you were in such a good mood. And, no one told you. Not one person cared enough to clue you in to that little green "something" stuck in your front tooth.


How did that make you feel? Like crap, no doubt. Embarrassed? Hurt? Perturbed?

I know I always am, perturbed that is, when no one tells me. But then again, I am the person that will tell you that you have something in/on your tooth, or that you have a bat in the cave (nice way of saying you've got a booger), or that your zipper is down.
Do I like pointing out other people's imperfections? No. 

Is it easier to just say nothing and go on my way hoping someone else will tell them? Yes.

But is that right? No, not in my opinion.
It's definitely a little awkward to alert someone if they have a problem, knowing they are going to be temporarily embarrassed. But in my opinion it's even worse not to tell them. I'll gladly feel a little awkward when I point out their shortcomings if it saves them the embarrassment of later looking in the mirror and discovering they've had some giant piece of broccoli stuck in their tooth all day, and no one has told them.

I would never want anyone to feel that I didn't care enough about them to clue them in.

Heck, I tell complete strangers if they have toilet paper stuck on their shoes. Or that their skirt is tucked into their nylons and their behind is hanging out for the world to see, and I once even told someone they had a little blood on their pants....(if you know what that is code for). I consider it a random act of kindness when I say something to a stranger. I consider it a sign of respect when I tell someone I know.

And I cannot tell you how extremely thankful I am when someone cares enough to tell me.
So think about it. Do you tell? Will you tell? When in doubt, think about I treating others the way I would wish to be treated?  If you'd want to know, then next time, do the right thing, and tell them....