Perfect, No Editing Required

Photo credit: Laurie Labadie (I swiped this from her fb page, hope she doesn't mind).

I attended the funeral celebration of the mother of a dear friend today. I say celebration because that is what it really felt like. A celebration of a life well lived. Her rather large family (8 brothers and sisters) were all there to send her mom off to heaven, mainly with smiles on their faces, for they knew she was ending up right where she was meant to be. With her husband, dancing on heaven's streets.

My friend, Laurie, gave a eulogy for her mom. It was perfect. Perfectly executed, perfectly written. I wouldn't have changed a thing. What a great tribute to the mom she loves.

As I sat there watching her poise, beauty and charming delivery at the podium, it reminded me of a time years ago when we took the podium together at a book show. We were the featured speakers, I think we were all of what 27 then (maybe)? I can tell you our delivery back then was nothing like hers was today.
Her mega watt personality came through, as did all of what she was trying to say. There were a couple tears, but my goodness, how can you not have tears when saying goodbye to your mom! They didn't detract one bit from her message, in fact I would venture a guess it only made what she had to say more special to those of us listening.

I spoke once many years back at my grandma's funeral. I know for sure I did not do it as well as she did, nor were my words nearly as inspiring. With what seemed like little effort (but I know she was up most of the night editing and rewriting) she let that crowd know who her mom was, shared some funny family history, and by examples showed us her mom was no ordinary person. What she didn't have to spell out for us is that her mom (and dad who passed away years ago), left behind a huge legacy of family. It was obvious to everyone as all the children's children, and their children, filed up the aisle to put roses in a vase at the altar and bow to her casket. W. O. W.

 I doubt if there was anyone in that room who wasn't inspired to wish to leave behind a legacy as bountiful as that of Doris Popma. Or that didn't get teared up at the beautiful sight. All those people from one loving couple. Cool.

My friend, I love you. Your mom and dad are looking down on you with smiles on their faces and pride in their hearts.

And strangely enough, I am sitting here with pride in mine for you as well. What an awesome way to celebrate your mom's life.