Feeling Stuck?

It's been quiet on my blog for almost a week now. It doesn't mean I haven't been writing, but it does mean I have been too busy to get my words down in blog form. I have been reading in my "spare" time, actually it should be called "sparse" time for me lately. There is a lot going on at my house, a lot of life lessons are being taught and certainly there is the adjustment to living in a house of six.

What a person chooses to do for a living is a big deal these days. Maybe for the younger generation choosing "what" you want to do for a living is an even bigger deal. It seems no one is sure of  their direction anymore. And those that start off in one direction, are finding themselves changing their minds mid-stream. That can be a very unsettling feeling, when your path is not clear it becomes a lot easier to venture off course. To get sidetracked, distracted, and to feel a little stuck.

No longer is it enough for most people to just "work" to live anymore.  They want to do something meaningful, heck, they want to make a difference. Growing up I know I changed my mind about what I wanted to be when I grew up many times. I wanted to be a psychologist, an archaeologist, a broadcast journalist... and finally a writer. I ended up, obviously, as none of the above.

But I cannot complain abut the career path I chose. I have spent many years in a career that I have loved. I was able to use my mad people skills, and my other strengths: organization, efficiency, hostessing along the way. The job suited me. I got to be "me." I got to spend time with creative people, who have never ceased to inspire me with their talent and visions. And I am an idea person. I like to look forward. I like to try to make things work better, always coming up with ideas, reshaping and refining them, and implementing. I even like taking control of the nitty gritty details needed to carry out an idea. There's something so satisfying about checking stuff off my to do list.

These days I am never bored. Ever. If there is quiet time, my brain goes wild with ideas, and blogposts and okay sometimes worry. But this is a recent development. I think my heart and brain have finally aligned and are telling me, I need to change things up. I need more. I want more. I deserve more.

A new friend suggested I read the book, No More Dreaded Mondays, by Dan Miller and it is convincing me that I don't have to feel the way currently do. I can be inspired and have passion in my work life again. Awesome.

Feeling bored, stuck or uninspired? Read the book. Who knows, it may change your life.