Sounds Like Fun

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 The name of our house in OBX
In case you did not know, I am on a week long trip with 7 other girls, whom I do not really know, far far from home.
That’s extremely weird, even for most people. For me, it is way out of my comfort zone. 
Anyone who knows me, knows that going on this vacation is not what I would normally  choose to do. Pretty sure even my husband thinks I am nuts.
But choose it, I did.
I do not travel well. In fact, I do not make a habit of going anywhere, except to my cottage. So for me to choose a week long trip, away from home, with people I do not know, is a huge shocker.
 View of the Atlantic ocean on a cloudy day.
A look in the opposite direction.
I am currently alone, with 7 others, in the outer banks of North Carolina. By the way… to dispel any rumors, it is still here after hurricane Irene.
When on vacation, I am usually the one in charge. The one who has everything under control. The one who makes people feel comfortable and who keeps things moving smoothly. Groceries are plentiful, food is planned, fixed, eaten, cleaned up, and people are relaxed and happy.
 Even on a cloudy, windy day the ocean is beautiful And loud.
Not this time. This time, I am taking a back seat. On purpose.
And, it feels really good.
There are times in life when you need to do what you need to do.
 View off our back deck of the Currituck Sound.
This time, it is all about me.
(So then why the heck did everyone eat my tuna fish?)
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