A Birthday Thank You Four Years In The Making

The perfect gift. Visit your local bookstore or Amazon.com for your own copy of She.

My friend Jenn gave me a book for my birthday back in 2007. I had pretty much forgotten all about it. Until a few days ago when I was reached up to pull my thesaurus off the shelf, and a slim pink spine caught my eye. It was the book She… by Kobi Yamada.
Curious, I opened it and read. Immediately the first page said something that caught my attention.
She loved life and it loved her right back. Celebrate her passion.
She listened to her heart above all the other voices. 
Celebrate her wisdom.
As I read on, all I could think was: holy cow, was this book written for me?
It is an easy read…more like an inspirational book, and less like a novel. But back when I first received it, it didn’t really speak to me.
I wasn’t yet at the point where I could see myself for who I really was or appreciate the person I had become. I hadn’t yet grown up. This time it was completely different. It didn’t take long to realize the book was not only speaking right to my heart, it was about “me”. And it is about “you”.
She is for all women; your mother, daughter, grandma, sister, best friend, lady in line behind you at the grocery store, every woman. Read She. Or better yet, buy it, read it, and give it someone you love. I plan to. Hopefully one day that woman will be able to love the person they have become, like I did.
My friend Jenn was way ahead of me, her heart was open long before mine was. She was trying to tell me something back then that I wasn’t quite ready to hear.
I’m listening this time, and Jenn, I hear it! Thank you for seeing in me, what I wasn’t ready to see in myself, your gift of She might be the best birthday present I ever got.
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