I'm Hot, Then I'm Cold...

I am pretty sure that I hate menopause.

You see, I am hot, then I am cold. All night long I sweat, then cover up, then throw off the covers, then....I start all over again. Sometimes it even happens during the day. Hot flashes are ridiculous. I never expected they would bother me. But they do.

And let's not even talk about not sleeping at night because your mind won't shut off.

I find it extremely unfair that women have all the crap to go through. Periods. Childbirth. Post partum depression. Menopause.

Guys walk around on hot summer days, shirtless. Um yes, can I do that please? It would save a lot of shirts from sweat pits.

Guys can pee in the woods, and not have to take toilet paper along with them. Not fair on many levels.

Guys can "not shave" for a week and say they are working on their beards. Girls have to shave their legs every day in the summer or they risk hurting people. Mostly ourselves.

Guys have it so much easier. Good thing then, that women are stronger creatures.
Waaaay stronger.

Rock on, girls.