The Power of Water

It's been hot around here for the last week. Super hot. Turn-the-air-conditioner-on-at-the-house hot.

For those of you who do not know me all that well, I rarely turn on the air. It costs way too much money to run and I am cheap, plus I like open windows. And I hate being freezing in our basement, where we hang out most often, when the air is on just to make the upstairs bedrooms tolerable.

The air has been on for two straight weeks. That means it has been HOT. (I gotta stop thinking about how big the electric bill is going to be, or it will ruin my vacation.)

I was wishing the hot was going to last throughout our week of vacation, but today we woke up to cool and crisp air.  I am sure most people are saying a really loud hallelujah.

I am just a little sad to see it go. There is sun in that sky though, and I still plan to take advantage of the warm lake water the heat left behind. Yesterday after my walk, I waterskied, wakeboarded, and wakesurfed, then topped it off with some volleyball. Good times.

For this vacation, Mitch and I arrived a night earlier than the rest of the crew. The day we left town it had been so hot, I couldn't wait to get to the water. And as usual it was several degrees cooler here when we stepped out of the car. Or at least that is how it always feels. Big relief. Huge sigh.

I am in my happy place here.

After all the usual unloading, bed making, and assorted grocery unpacking chores, I sat down to finish up some work that came in late in the day. Then all of a sudden I got hot. Like sweat on my upper lip kind of hot... instantly.

Hot flash? (This seems to be happening a lot lately--I go from comfortable to inferno in an instant. So many women have said, "Just wait", about the inevitable hot flashes. Now I can blame the heat, but I am fairly certain that it was only part of the problem.)

Why don't guys have to deal with hot flashes? No fair.

So as I sat at the computer, in the midst of my hot flash, I think, "Hey, there's water out there... and then I hear myself saying Mitch, let's go jump in the lake."

Silence. It's 10:30 pm. It's dark. Oh crap, what was I thinking.

Eeeewww is what I'm sure he's now thinking. My mom just asked me to go skinny dipping.

(I didn't of course, but for a second it felt like I did.)

So, I steel myself for the usual "no" his you-are-so-lame-mom, tone of voice.

 Instead, he says "Where's my suit?"

Which makes me think, maybe it was the heat and not a hot flash after all :)

Either way I cannot tell you how much fun it was to be in the dark, in the 85+ degree water with Mitch.

Just floating. Chatting. Treading water. Letting the water work its magic and cool us down.
Both of us thinking how lucky we are to have a place on this beautiful lake.

This past year hasn't been full of many great mom/son moments with Mitch. In fact, mostly we just fight. So I will take great moments with him anytime I can get them.

Great time. Great kid. Great memory.

P.S. And just for the record, we were fully suited.